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This is it!
Unigroup of new york is a non-profit organization for  users
and  vendors  of products and services for UNIX Systems.  We
are pleased to announce our first general membership meeting

                  Wednesday, June 22, 1983
                          6-9 P.M.
              The United Engineering Building
                   47th St. and 1st Ave.
                        New York, NY

Our guest speaker for this meeting will be:

                      Mr. Steve Payne
            Product Planning & Management Group
            Western Electric Processor Division

Mr. Payne will talk about the future of UNIX System V & VI.

We expect that most local UNIX sites,  both  commercial  and
academic, will be represented. On the agenda for the meeting
will the the  formation  of  committees  for  the  following
purposes:  a  quarterly newsletter, establishment of a local
uucp  network,  local  hardware,   software   and   services
directory,  and  upcoming  meetings  and  vendor shows.  The
terms of the current  Board  of  Directors  will  expire  on
September  30, 1983, so we will also be seeking nominees for
the election to be held  at  the  next  general  meeting  in

A literature table will be set up, and vendors  are  invited
to bring brochures for distribution.

Attached is an application for membership. To speed  up  on-
site  registration it would be appreciated if dues were paid
in advance.

If you have any questions  or  need  additional  information
call any of the individuals listed below.

Keith Eisenstark                John Roseman
Structured Methods              Urban Software
212-741-7737                    212-736-4030

Mark Krieger                    Ed Taylor
Unipress Software               Pencom Systems
201-985-8000                    212-661-0950

John Malpas
Software Systems Associates

                      MEMBERSHIP FORM

                    unigroup of new york
                        gpo box 1931
                     new york, ny 10116

name____________________________________  title______________



city_______________________ state___________ zip_____________


uucp address and phone number________________________________

I plan to attend the June 22 meeting____

Please send membership fee of $25.00 to  the  address  above
with   the  information  requested.   Unigroup  members  are
entitled to vote in the upcoming election of  the  Board  of
Directors and will receive the quarterly newsletter.

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