Phyllis Eve Bregman phyllis at utcsrgv.UUCP
Fri Jun 24 01:41:53 AEST 1983

Exchanging your US money at the airport is undoubtedly better than
doing the same at your local US bank.  You can also get good rates
at any Canadian bank.  Remember when you look at our prices that
the US dollar is worth about $1.23.

It is usual for Customs to ask you for some piece of identification
(driver's license, passport, birth certificate are all fine).  You can
bring into Canada duty free gifts under $10, one carton (200) of cigarettes
and 40 oz. of alcohol (you can buy duty free merchandise if you are
coming here from an international airport, as well as when you leave here).

We are preparing a list of restaurants at this very moment, and will
post it to the net as soon as possible.  It is true (and this is
coming from an ex-New York City person) that Toronto has some of the
best Chinese food available, and we will certainly mention many good
ones in our list.  Chinatown is not too far away from the conference

Toronto has an excellent transit system (TTC).  Getting from place
to place is not a hassle, and a car is not necessary, unless
you plan to stay out very late.  The subway shuts down at 0130-0200
(depending on the line).  Some buses and street cars run all night.
The bus is $0.85 exact change, but you can buy tokens or tickets
for $4 at most subway stations.  You can use tokens on the buses,
subways and street cars.  Take a transfer (they're free) when you get
on so that you can transfer to whatever means of transportation
you will need to complete a given trip.

Please be advised that if you are staying at the Harbor Castle, you
will have to take the Bay St. bus or walk under the railway tunnel,
which is VERY safe, to get to most places in Toronto.  The hotel is
on the waterfront (Lake Ontario), and if you stay down there and
never leave, you will have an extremely warped impression of Toronto,
which is actually a beautiful and very safe city.

If you don't think you'll have time to explore Toronto on your own,
take a bus tour of the city, it is quite good, and you will be able
to see much more than you would on your own.  Toronto is a very large
city, and it would take a long time to see everything, so even though
bus tours are tacky, try it.

					Phyllis Eve Bregman
					CSRG, University of Toronto

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