Toronto Logistics

fostel at ncsu.UUCP fostel at ncsu.UUCP
Wed Jun 22 03:58:36 AEST 1983

    If you are comming thru customs they are usually friendly, but there are
    a few things that will cause some trouble. If you are carrying tapes,
    they will be concerned that you are carying valuable data.  Last time
    around, the trick was to tell them that you had "NO DATA, CODE". They
    seemed to regard software as OK, but DATA as important and valuable.

    Someone asked about places to eat in Toronto. BY ALL MEANS DO NOT MISS
    the local CHINA TOWN.  It may surprise you, but Toronto has a very large
    oriental community and as a result some of the best Chinese resturants
    IN THE WORLD.  It was rated the 3rd best city for such food, behind
    Hong Kong and SanFran. (Peking surprisingly is far behind.)  I don't know
    how far it is from the conference hotel to the source of delectables,
    but it is worth it.  The resturants range from std tourist fare to the
    real thing. Prices are not bad. Esp at the latter.  There is also a
    rather neat Chinese shopping mall (really, you've got to see to believe)
    and all the gift shopes you could ask for.  This is all within easy
    walking rang of the U of T if you can find that.

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