Who's going to be at Toronto

aoki at trwspp.UUCP aoki at trwspp.UUCP
Thu Jun 9 01:16:14 AEST 1983

Hello --

	I was wondering, will there be people or talks
in the area of hardware/software TESTING at USENIX.
I have been unable to get a copy of the week's program
and have also been unable to get a list of the vendors
who will be attending.

	If anyone can send me (or post) such information
on testing, program and vendors, it will be greatly
appreciated.  Actually, any information, of any sort
can only be helpful.  Thanks.

			-> Dean
			{ decvax, ucbvax } !trw-unix!trwspp!aoki

			T R W Defense Systems Group
			One Space Park  M/S 119/2142F
			Redondo Beach, CA  90278
			(213) 217-6286

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