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For those who will be driving in Toronto this summer,
for USENIX or the American Statistical Association meets:

Toronto the Good is known to be a law abiding city, safe and clean.
Still, its inhabitants live in constant fear and regularly discuss:

			!! SPEED TRAPS !!

Yes, Torontonians know too well that just a few kilometers per hour
will buy them a hefty traffic fine, and possibly worse stuff.
Watch for speed traps, especially out of downtown where they are common.
Be especially careful going up and down hills.  And don't forget that
the speed limits are posted in metric terms.  To translate, multiply by
nine, divide by five, and add 32.


If you are driving and are stopped, you should have an insurance card
verifying that you indeed have insurance.  You can get these from your
agent in a couple of minutes.  Tell them you are driving in Canada,
and tell them the period you will be there.  Canadian police are not
impressed by local U.S. forms.


In Ontario (and Quebec), wearing seatbelts is required by law.
It's a good law, and they do enforce it.  Probably as foreigners
you will only get a warning, unless you don't have your proof of
insurance, in which case you may be in trouble.


In Toronto, like in California, pedestrians have the right of way.
If you go through a cross-walk while someone is crossing, a polite
Toronto officer will award you a citation.


If you are bringing kids to Toronto, or if you are still one (I hope),
you should go to the Ontario Science Museum.  Lots of see and do stuff.

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