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Mon Jun 20 10:14:08 AEST 1983

This was supposed to be posted before by the USENIX people, but
I never saw it, so here it is again, with a slight change at
the end: Fortune has now decided to bankroll the whole thing!

In January, USENIX  convened  in  San  Diego,  near  the  first
OMNIMAX  theatre in the world, and we were fortunate to be able
to attend a special screening.  In July, USENIX will convene in
Toronto, near the first IMAX theatre in the world.  Our destiny
is clear.  There shall come to pass

                    THE IMAX MOVIE MARATHON
                    UNIX(TM) MEETS IMAX(R)

a special screening of several IMAX films at the Cinesphere (an
Imax  theatre)  in  Ontario  Place  (a  theme park owned by the
province of Ontario on Lake Ontario near downtown Toronto).

Imax is a high resolution motion picture system projected  onto
a  very large rectangular screen (60x80 feet at the Cinesphere)
backed  by  high  fidelity  six  channel   sound.   Since   the
introduction  of  IMAX in 1970, many films have been made which
exploit the medium, including the  well-known  film  "To  Fly",
which we will screen if possible.  (OMNIMAX, the sister process
to IMAX, is  projected  onto  the  inside  of  a  hemispherical
screen,  while  IMAX  is projected onto a more traditional flat
screen in front of the audience.)

The show will be at  10  PM  on  Thursday,  July  14.  For  the
benefit  of  those who only want to stay for a couple of hours,
we will try to play the most popular films at the beginning  of
the  show.  For the diehard fans, and there are many of us, the
show will continue until 3 AM.

Fortune Systems Corporation  is  sponsoring  this  event.  Free
Tickets  will  be  available at the Fortune booth in the vendor
exhibits.  The Cinesphere seats 800 people.

* IMAX is a trademark of IMAX Corporation.
* UNIX is a trademark of Bell Laboratories.

	Dave Yost, Fortune Systems

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