Conf Agenda

fostel at ncsu.UUCP fostel at ncsu.UUCP
Sat Jun 18 01:50:47 AEST 1983

    First, a very LOUD VOTE against extending the USENIX conference to
    cover parts of tuesday.  If this had been planned, that would be a
    different matter.  I have not planned to be in Toronto the entire week
    and I feel certain I am not alone.

    Second, I object, almost as loudly, to the introduction of paralell
    sessions.  I missed the Calif conf., so I may be wrong, but this is
    a gross violation of the "charm" of UNIX conferences.  The result will
    eventually be like other conferences with people jumping in and out of
    sessions and being frustrated by concurrent scheduling if things they
    need/want to here.  I would much prefer a lesser number of carefully
    screened presentations, or else an extra day (planned in advance).

    Third, I never received the original agenda from HCR. Could someone
    send a copy to me -- or perhaps to the net again in case its lost its
    way for others as well.  (My apologies in advance as the agenda will
    surely arive, tail between legs, the instant I get to the cntl-d.)

    Fourth, what ever happenned to the days of the inexpensive UNIX conference?
    The last time I was in Toronto, it was cheap pleasant dorm rooms, and
    quite a bit smaller registration fee.  My graduate student who did most
    of the work for a paper I will present LITERALLY can not afford to come;
    nor can the CSC dept afford to send her.  Hotel expenses are a major part
    of the reason. (Sexism strikes again: we obviously would share a room
    if she were a he.) Airfare can be avoided with a set of wheels. Has USENIX
    become that bourgoise? (We proletariate can't spell real good.)

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