Query: Hotel Confirmations

woods at hao.UUCP woods at hao.UUCP
Wed Jun 15 02:46:54 AEST 1983

  Please excuse my ignorance, this is my first USENIX meeting, and in fact, 
my first work-related travel ever. My question is twofold:

   1) The other two people from HAO that are going have received confirmations
      and I have not. Do they normally send out only one confirmation for a
      double room? I am sharing a room with one of the people who *has* received
      a confirmation.

   2) The rate quoted on the confirmation form is considerably higher than
      the one qouted us by Rogal(sp?). Is this the rate before the USENIX
      discount? Is it in Canadian or US dollars? Are the rates quoted by
      Rogal in Canadian or US? 

 {ucbvax!hplabs | allegra!nbires | decvax!brl-bmd | harpo!seismo | menlo70}

P.S. Does anyone know what the current exchange rate between Canadian and
US dollars is? Can you spend US money in Toronto or do you have to convert
it to Canadian first? If so, where is a good place to do that? One last 
question: Can I use my VISA card (obviously, drawn on a US bank) in Canada?

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