Diet pop drinkers coming to Canada be sure to try Aspartame(TM)

Brad Templeton bstempleton at watmath.UUCP
Mon Jun 27 15:51:17 AEST 1983

While we are on the subject of what USA residents might want to know
about Canada, I thought I would point out something of interest to those
who drink diet pop (or soda as it is called in some parts) in quantity.

Many of you know of Canada as the source of the rats that got cancer
from sacharrides.  In the USA, diet pop has still used this stuff with
a warning about cancer.  In Canada, it was banned, and after an experiment
with fructose they came up with a substance called ASPARTAME.

The bottom line on this stuff is that it is great - an order of magnitude
better than any other sugar substitute ever marketed.  All the diet pop
now tastes quite good - you can even believe the Diet Coke copy.
They even have passable diet orange drinks, something they could never do
with cyclamates or others.

I don't know why, but it has not appeared in the states (at least when
I checked a few months ago) but may be coming under the name Nutra*sweet
if I am correct.

As to what it is, I have heard two stories.
One is that it is a Levo-protien (left handed, which means you can't
metabolize it at all - it just goes right out the waste chute) that is
1000 times sweeter than sugar.

the other is that it is a sweetness enchancer, and is mixed with a little
dextrose to make it sweet.  They say it doesn't work in hot liquids well.

Whatever, it is more expensive than other stuff, but is much stronger too
so it works out.  Take some home if you want this stuff.
	Brad Templeton - Waterloo, Ont. (519) 886-7304

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