Chinese Food and User-Interface BOF

gsp at mhb5b.UUCP gsp at mhb5b.UUCP
Wed Jun 22 16:14:08 AEST 1983

It's true, Toronto has excellent Chinese food.  I've always liked Sai
Woo, but my friends there always make me go some other place.  From the
convention, it is an easy subway ride (safe and clean, Canada's
trademark) and walk to Chinatown.

		USENIX User-Interface BOF
		Chinese Food Extravaganza
		(perhaps at Sai Woo's)

	There are two sessions devoted to user-interfaces.
	I would like some casual discussions over dinner.
	If interested, contact me by netmail or in Toronto.

	Gary Perlman	BTL MH 5D-105	(201) 582-3624	ulysses!gsp
	(God of MENUNIX, UNIX|STAT, and Interface Arsenal_

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