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Fri Jun 17 02:24:27 AEST 1983

	   Tentative Conference Schedule
		    as of June 9
		(reference: hcr.432)

w1		      OPENING
w2			___
w4			_|
h1	user interf	 |_
h2			_|	COMP & LANG
h4	UNIX DIREC	_|_	(bof)
f1	net		_|_	applic
f2	mail		_|_	std, valid, port
f3	(applic)	_|_	(systems)
f4		x	 |	    x

Above is a schematic of the tentative conference schedule posted earlier.
The left and right columns indicate concurrent sessions.
The parenthesised topics are reserved times for which specific talks
have not been pre-scheduled.  The topic "x" indicates an unscheduled time.

I consider the topics of UNIX, C, and tools to be of general interest.
I consider the other topics to be of more special interest.
In the schematic the general interest topics are printed in upper case.
The special interest topics are printed in lower case.

Notice the large number of temporal conflicts among the topics
of general interest.  I consider this very unfortunate.
I am therefore proposing an alternate schedule in which
general interest topics are not held simultaneously.
Its schematic is below.

	Proposed Three Day Conference Schedule

w1		      OPENING
w2			___
w3	PROG TOOLS	 |	user interf
w4			_|_
h1	UNIX IMPLEM	 |_	applic
h2			 |_	(applic)
h3			 |_	std, valid, port
h4			_|_	(bof)
f1	COMP & LANG	 |_	net
f2			_|_	mail
f3	UNIX DIREC	_|_	(systems)
f4		x	 |	    x

The announcement (via U.S. mail) from Rogal Boston indicated
that the Software Tools Users' Group technical presentations
were all to be held Tuesday evening 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm.
If they are not going to utilize the daytime on Tuesday,
then Usenix might use it to reduce the number
of concurrent sessions.

	Proposed Four Day Conference Schedule

t1		x	_|
t2	std, valid, port_|	    x
t4		x	_|_
t5		s.t.u.g. presentations
t6			___
w1		      OPENING
w2			___
w3	PROG TOOLS	 |_	(bof 1)
w4			_|_	    x
h1	UNIX IMPLEM	 |_	applic
h2			 |_	(applic)
h3			 |_	    x
h4			_|_	(bof 2)
f1	COMP & LANG	 |_	net
f2			_|_	mail
f3	(systems)	_|	    x
f4		x	 |

Note that I added a second "birds of a feather" session
in the above four day schedule.

If the reserved sessions, "bof", "systems", and the second "applic"
are ignored, a nearly full four day schedule with no concurrent
sessions is possible.  Although I do not like the use of concurrent
sessions, I prefer the above proposed four day schedule,
which has some free time and also accounts for those reserved sessions.

I encourage discussion of this, in hopes of its having
an influence on the conference organizers.

		George Rosenberg

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