Diet pop drinkers coming to Canada be sure to try Aspartame(TM)

dyer at wivax.UUCP dyer at wivax.UUCP
Tue Jun 28 09:04:03 AEST 1983

Aspartame is a small two amino acid fragment of aspartic acid and phenylalanine,
and is metabolized by the body as a protein (i.e. the stuff is hydrolyzed
to its amino acids which then are used by the body.)  It is marketed in the US
as NutraSweet, but hasn't yet been approved for use in diet soda drinks--
so far, you can buy it in iced tea, kool aid and together with lactose as a
saccharin replacement.  It actually tastes sweet--it isn't a sweetness enhancer.

As a diet soda connoisseur, I look forward to trying it in Canada.  At the
very least, it should be an improvement to earlier Canadian diet sodas--
after the controversy, they removed saccharin completely!  Ever taste 
unsweetened Sprite or TAB?  Yecch!

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