4.2BSD manuals

James Frew frew at ucsbcsl.UUCP
Thu Sep 27 03:37:35 AEST 1984

We have received several sets of the USENIX manuals.  The price IS right, but
the quality of the reproduction leaves something to be desired (basically just
photo-reduced from the UCB originals - try reading the small print in the Lisp
manual).  There are also a few glaring bugs (e.g., no mkdir(1)).

If you're loaded with $, an alternative is the DEC Ultrix documentation, which
(for now, anyway) is identical to the UCB stuff.  Their Volume 1 has likewise
been shruck to 6x9, but also completely re-typeset so it's much more legible
than the USENIX offering.  It comes punched for little binders, and is printed
on much more durable paper.  Ask yer DEC rep for the order #s; they're not yet
in the documentation catalog.  Price for a full Vol 1 is about $60 as I

Unfortunately I can't recommend DEC's efforts with Volume 2, since they
subdivided it so randomly that you have to purchase all 3 volumes in order to
do most anything.  They also left in a lot of the irrelevant PDP11 stuff
(perhaps for double-duty with ULTRIX-11?).

Just for a benchmark, we reproduced the entire 4.2BSD documentation (vol 1, 2C,
user-contrib) in-house (university print shop) for $100 per set of 5
paper-bound 8-1/2x11 volumes.
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