a68 (Algol 68) ?

Arnold Robbins arnold at gatech.CSNET
Tue Apr 23 08:26:24 AEST 1985

In looking at the Feb 1985 ;login:, published by USENIX, I see that the
1981 tape has something on it called 'a68'.  I am assuming that this is
an Algol 68 compiler for some version of Unix.

Questions:  What machine and version of Unix is this compiler for?
How good a compiler (full language, good code produced) is it?
Can it be (easily??) ported to a Vax (and/or Pyramid and/or 3B20)?
What language is it written it? (I would hope C)

If anyone has seen or used this compiler, I would appreciate hearing from
you.  I will summarize to the net.  I am interested since it may be worth
our while to get the USENIX tape if this compiler can be brought up to date
for the machines we have here.

Arnold Robbins
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