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In article <178 at uwvax.UUCP> dave at uwvax.UUCP (Dave Cohrs) writes:
> With the conference just over the hill, my thoughts turn to what I'm
> going to eat while in Portland.  Would anyone like to post a list of
> restaurants, etc in the area, similar to the list of last summer's
> conference in SLC?

I read, a year or so ago, that Portland is third in the US, behind San
Francisco and Seattle, in the number of restaurants per capita.
Ten or fifteen years ago, Portland was a dining wasteland.
Now, things are just the opposite -- *lots* of unique and interesting
places to eat.  Here are a few... not all "gourmet's choice", but
Portland traditions or unique.

Oregon restaurants are divided into smoking and non-smoking sections.
There's no sales tax.

Because Portland's bus system (Tri-Met) is efficient and on-time, and because
a lot of people won't have cars, I've included the bus numbers and the bus
stop to stand at (buses run to six different areas of town; there's one stop
for each area).  Tri-Met's phone number is 233-3511.

	*** FOOD ***

Rose's (315 NW 23rd, bus #53-salmon): The biggest sandwiches, pastries, and
	cakes you've ever seen.  A real experience.

Buttertoe's (3244 SE Belmont -- bus #21-beaver): A restored Victorian in a
	part of town where you wouldn't expect this kind of restaurant. 
	Friendly, mellow, intimate but not dark, reasonable prices... unique
	sandwiches and salads, coffee with a hint of nutmeg.
	Refreshingly different.

Fong Chong (301 NW 4th Ave. -- take any bus that runs up 6th Ave.): Unusual,
	excellent Chinese foods in a boring atmosphere.  *Very* crowded at
	lunchtime (dim sum); get there early.  My fiancee is an Asian cooking
	devotee from San Francisco, and she swears by this place.

Dan & Louis Oyster Bar (208 SW Ankeny -- any bus that runs up 6th Ave.): Has
	been in town so long that you can't call it anything else but a
	tradition.  Excellent seafood in a "nautical" atmosphere --
	wood-paneled walls covered with old sailing gear and photos.

Jarra's Ethiopian (617 SE Morrison, bus #21-beaver): If you're not used to
	spicy foods, bring your fire extinguisher... very tasty food, though.
	If you haven't eaten Ethiopian, you should try it.  They expanded
	their serving area not long ago... a good sign.

The Original Pancake House (8600 SW Barbur Blvd., bus #44-rose):
	This place doesn't need to advertise.  Best breakfasts in town,
	for sure.  Get there *early* -- even if you don't, the long wait
	is worth it.  Everything is exquisite, not just the pancakes.

Uncle Chen (529 SW 3rd -- any bus up 6th Ave.)
	Lots of Chinese restaurants in Portland; this is one of the
	best.  Fairly expensive but worth it; food is incredibly good.
	Ask if you can be seated in the back room; interesting decor
	in a high-ceiling room.

Big Red's (5515 SW Canyon Ct., Sylvan -- buses #57-deer or #59-deer):
	Anywhere that has plastic cactus and armadillos, well.......
	This place is so strange and outrageous that you like it right away;
	maybe it's the electric Texas decor; maybe it's the huge plates
	of nachos and cheap drink specials.

Rheinlander -- (5035 NE Sandy, bus #14-raindrops): Sunday brunch (if
	you're here that long) is *deadly* -- German and other continental
	food, run by a very successful restauranteur.  Another Portland
	tradition, with letters and certificates on the wall from the
	mayor, governor, etc. etc.


Rimsky-Korsakoffee House (707 SE 12th, bus #21-beaver): Live classical music
	in an old home.  Frequented by musicians, radicals, fun-loving
	intellectuals, etc.  The desserts aren't the best in town, but they're
	good, and the atmosphere is lively.  Everything there is a play on
	something else (including the place's name).  Won a prize, a few years
	back, in the "Chocolate Death" dessert category of some contest.

Papa Haydn (701 NW 23rd -- bus #53-salmon; also 5829 SE Milwaukie Blvd.):
	Less fun but better desserts than The R-K House above.  Location
	on 23rd St. is full of yuppies, but the food helps you forget.
	Can get crowded.

Roberto's (Galleria, 921 SW Morrison -- any bus down 6th Ave.; also near 600
	NW 23rd, bus #53-salmon): Very good ice cream, with cones made there
	in the store.  Try their Chocolate Truffle.  Location at the Galleria
	is usually much less crowded.

By the way, Portland's bus system is free within the downtown area (except
during rush hours, I think)... the "bus mall" is on 5th and 6th streets.
Buses run up and down the mall; most buses run the length of the mall.
Trips to other places in this list are 75 cents; a few might be $1.00.

See you in June.

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