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Steve Glaser steveg at hammer.UUCP
Mon Apr 15 12:19:08 AEST 1985

The Portland USENIX conference will be June 12-14, 1985 (tutorials on
the 11th) at the Portland Mariott.  To get a registration form and
housing form, contact the USENIX Conference Office (PO Box 385 Sunset
Beach CA 90742 or phone 213-592-3234 or 213-592-1381).

For the first time the announcement will include a preliminary program
complete with paper titles and authors (if they can get it to fit that
is).  Kudos to the program commitee for that one.  [note: the
announcement is being mailed out at this time, don't panic if you
haven't got yours yet.]

	Steve Glaser

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