Update on Usenix Tutorials

Mike Tilson mike at hcradm.UUCP
Wed Apr 17 12:14:38 AEST 1985

This is an update to the previous announcement of Usenix tutorials.

People planning to take a "licensed" tutorial (System V internals or
4.2BSD internals) must have a Usenix institutional membership (more precisely,
be employed by or a student at a source licensed institutional member).  We
are going to use the institutional membership as our means of verifying
licenses.  (We have to do this already for the distribution tapes.
License checking is a pain; we'd like to do it once as a service
to institutional members.  Once it is done, it remains on file so
that you don't have to do it again in the future.)

If you are not an institutional member and you wish to take one of the
tutorials, you should contact the Usenix office at 415-528-8649.

If you are not able to become an institutional member in time, the Usenix
conference office (213-592-3243) can start the process rolling.  You will
have to sign up as an institutional member in any case, but in the meantime
we can do some "emergency" license checking.  However, this may delay
your registration, and in the event that either course sells out, you
might not be able to enroll, so act now.

/Michael Tilson
Usenix Tutorial Coordinator

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