Portland Restaurants

Gini Shevrin gas at nsc-pdc.UUCP
Sat May 4 07:13:34 AEST 1985

More places to eat, for those who care:
Pardon the repetitions, if any.  I'm not good with addresses, look
them up in the phone book when you get here.  Everything is within
ten minutes by car.  Most are within healthy walking distance.

REMO'S, on NW Flanders (I think).  Italian food, moderate to pricey. Bar
pies downstairs.  Best part of REMO's is the live jazz, every nite of
the week.

Old Wives Tales, on Burnside.  Go across the Burnside bridge to about
SE 13th or so.  Vegetarian fare.  This is a women's resource center,
but geared for the yuppie and young family set.  Good mousakka.

Jakes. Downtown.  Famous for their crawfish.  Good spicy Cajun fish

Fong Chong.  NW 4th.  YUMMMM.  Try the Dim Sum lunch.

Ringside.  West Burnside.  For those who can't live without steak.
Good onion rings, reservations required in advance.  Casual dress.

Dave's Deli.  In the Justice Center.  The only corned beef even close
to East Coast standards.

Yamhill Marketplace.  Several different restaurants on the second floor

That's all I can think of downtown, other than stuff that's already been

Eat healthy.

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