Take the Train to Usenix in Portland

Ed Gould ed at mtxinu.UUCP
Tue May 14 09:27:59 AEST 1985

                   Take the Train to Portland

_m_t _X_i_n_u is sponsoring a train car to the Portland Usenix
Conference in June.  All attendees are invited to ride the train
with us.  We're scheduled to leave on Sunday, June 9, from
Oakland at 8:52 P.M.  and arrive in Portland at about 1:50 P.M.
Monday.  (No plans have been made for the return trip - if you
want to take the train home, you'll need to make your own

There is space for 70 or so people in the car, which we will
occupy exclusively.  We'll also have our own no-host bar.  The
one-way fare is $100.00.

To reserve your space on the train, please send a check for
$100.00 to

          _m_t _X_i_n_u
          2910 Seventh Street, Suite 120
          Berkeley, CA  94710

          Attn: Train

All reservations are First Come, First Served so reserve your
space early to ensure a seat.  Lots of seats are already taken!

===>  Deadline!  All reservations must be received at _m_t _X_i_n_u by
May 27, 1985.

For more information, please send _o_n_l_y electronic mail to

          sun!         mtxinu!train

Ed Gould		    mt Xinu, 2910 Seventh St., Berkeley, CA  94710  USA
{ucbvax,decvax}!mtxinu!ed   +1 415 644 0146

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