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Ariel Shattan ariels at orca.UUCP
Wed May 1 02:21:16 AEST 1985

> With the conference just over the hill, my thoughts turn to what I'm
> going to eat while in Portland.  Would anyone like to post a list of
> restaurants, etc in the area, similar to the list of last summer's
> conference in SLC?
> -- 
> dave cohrs

Ok, I'll take on the task.  This list was compiled for the 1984
Westercon, also held at the Marriott, plus some out of the
Willamette Week Restaurant Guide, plus some of my favorites.  I'll
list the restaurants from nearest to farthest (to/from the Marriott).
You'll probably need a map to find all but the nearest.   I haven't
tried many of these places, so I won't vouch for quality, quantity, or
even existence.

DON'T TRUST THIS LIST! Look up the phone number and call before you
venture out to parts unknown. I take no responsibility for the
accuracy of any part of this list.

All these are within walking distance, but some are for energetic

Bri's Sandwich Shop, 1 SW Columbia.  Open for Br. & Lu. Closed
Weekends.  The book sez cheap.

Tivoli Garden, 111 SW Columbia. Open Lu, Din.  Very Spendy.

Rian's Breadbasket, 100 SW Market.  Br, Lu & Din, Closed Weekends,
Veggie selections. cheap - spendy

Veritable Quandry, 1220 SW 1st.  Lu, Din. Veggie selections, bar
food. cheap-mod.

Saga Corporate Food Service, 1220 SW 3rd.  Cafeteria in basemnt of
Federal Bldg.  Br & Lu, Veg. Closed weekends, cheap (very).

Sandwich Experience, 1136 SW 3rd.  Lu, Din ('til 7pm), closed
weekends, veg.  cheap.

Fast Eddie's for Ribs, 1800 SW 1st. Lu, Din, book sez veggie,

Jasmine Tree, 401 SW Harrison. Lu, Din, veg, chinese/polynesian,
closed Sunday, mod - spendy.

Talley Ho.  1414 SW 6th.  Br, Lu, Din.  Spendy

Sam's Hof Brau, 1850 SW 6th, Pretty good steam table, Lu, Din,

Cheerful Tortoise, 1939 SW 6th, Mexican, pub, Lu, Din, veg. Cheap.

Denny's,  330 SW Lincoln. 24 hrs 'Nuf said (cash only here and other area
Denny's. Fooey on 'em).

The Main Place, 101 SW Main.  Lunch, veg, moderate-spendy (turns
into bar at night).

De La Cruz, 410 SW Main (in the Portlabd Bldg).  Br, Lu, Veg, Closed
weekends. cheap.

Cricket Cage, 420 SW Taylor. Br, Lu, veg, closed weekends, moderate.

Harrington's Bar & Grill, SW 6th & Main. Lu, Din, Reservations,
Spendy.  Book sez "noisy & smokey."

Metro on Broadway, Broadway (700 block) & Taylor (across the street
from Hilton).  People-watching capital of Portland.  6 food shops with
center seating area. Br, Lu, Din, veg, Closed Sunday, cheap - moderate.
good coffee & desserts.

IHOP.  722 SW Yamhill.  Again, 'nuf said.

Hamburger Mary's. 840 SW Park.  Lu, Din, veg, open late.  Sandwiches and
Burgers, late-night breakfast (sez my source).  cheap -- moderate

Hunan, 515 SW Broadway (in Morgan's Alley).  Setzuan. nummy. Lu,
Din, veg, moderate.  Best Northern Chinese in downtown.

Liu Chi, 818 SW Broadway (near Hilton). Also Setzuan.  Lu, Din, Veg,
moderate.  Some 'll argue with me on previous endorsement.

Vietnam's Pearl, 1037 SW Morrison (right in the middle of the
construction!). Lu, Din.  veg (?) cheap -- moderate.  Vietnamese
(as if you hadn't guessed).

Pier 101, 921 SW Morrison (in the Galleria).  Seafood.  Dinner.  
Lu?  moderate. 

Also in Galleria (between 9th & 10th and Morrison & Alder): 
   Chiang's Yangtze (Lu, Din, moderate, northern chinese)
   Souvlaki Stop (Lu, early Din, cheap, gyros/souvlaki. good lunch special)
   Coffee Ritz (Lu, early Din, cheap, salads, sand. coffee)
   Roberto's ( good ice cream, fresh made cones)
   Barney Bagle & Suzy Creamcheese (sandwich shop.  Lu, early Din. cheap)
Dave's Deli, 1110 SW 3rd.  Lunch.  cheap--moderate.

Siamese Princess. SW 13th & Washington (or thereabouts).  Thai.
newly opened (call directory assistance for phone number). Dinner 
after 5:00.  Lunch? moderate.  nummy.

Jake's Famous Crawfish, 401 SW 12th.  Seafood.  Dinner, Lu? moderate
-- spendy.  My source sez go for the fresh seafood on the

Alexis, 215 W Burnside.  Lu, Din, veg, Excellent Greek.  Moderate.
nummy (very).

Abou Karim, 221 SW Pine. Lebanese. Lu, Din, Veg.  moderate.  nummy.

Elephant & Castle, 201 SW Washington.  Good fish&chips, Lu, Din, 
cheap.  good beer selection.

Yamhill Market, 110 SW Yamhill.  Many things to choose from, go
upstairs for food kiosks.  Lu, early Din, cheap.

Tuxedo Charley's, 50 SW 2nd (New Market Theater). Dinnner, Lu?,  
moderate. Kinda fern, but nice.

Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, 208 SE Ankeny.  Like it sez, seafood.
Dinner, Lu?  moderate (I think).

Crepe Faire, 133 SW 2nd. Br, Lu. and Din., veg.  moderate.

You'll want to drive or bus to these:

The Original Pancake House, 8600 SW Barbur Blvd.  The real thing.
Absolutely the original.  Breakfast, and you'll want to get there
before 7:00am to beat the rush (They open *early*).  If
you're an early riser and never know what to do 'til things start at
9:00, this is for you. Call first, as the owners are likely to pick
up and go on vacation at the drop of a fishing pole.

Papa Hayden's, 2 locations.  701 NW 23rd, or 5829 SE Milwaukie.
Buttercream heaven.  Lunch and dinner.  open 'til 11pm 
Crowded (it's worth the wait).  moderate.  Best Desserts in town.
(save room for the autumn meringue and the boccone dolce).
Definitely nummy.

Rose's, 315 NW 23st. sit-down Deli, monster sandwiches and 
desserts.  Lu, Din. veg, open 'til 11pm. cheap - moderate, half a

Jarra's Ethiopian Restaurant.  617 SE Morrison.  Lu, Din, veg.
Killer hot stuff.  Go in small groups (tables for four at most).
moderate.  nummy.

Jonah's, 7425 SW Barbur.  Dinner.  Moderate.  good seafood, good

DeNicola's,  3520 SE Powell.  Good pizza, great minestrone.  Dinner,
closed Monday, cheap -- moderate.

Bread & Ink Cafe, 3610 SE Hawthorne.  Nice, small, good desserts and
coffee.  A bit pricey for what you get.  Dinner, closed Mondays.  

Casa De Rios, 4343 SE Hawthorne.  Mexican hole-in-the-wall.  Pretty
good (beats the chain restaurants).  Crowded. Lu, Din, veg.  cheap
-- moderate.

Rimsky-Korsakoffeehouse, 707 SE 12th. Dessert & coffeee/tea/etc only.
Open latish. Great cultured atmosphere.  Sign in place sez, "Thank us for not
letting you smoke".  Good for conversation.

This list doesn't claim to be exhaustive.  I know there's a couple
of MacD's around, too.  I just included some of the better/more
interesting/more famous places in the downtown and near-in Portland 
area There're also plenty of places in Beaverton to the Southwest, and
further out in other parts of town. 

I also know of a few good places to drink beer, but you'll have to
take me along...;-)

Yours in the enjoyment of good food,

Ariel Shattan

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