Usenix/Stargate BOF

Mark Horton mark at cbosgd.UUCP
Sat May 4 12:41:43 AEST 1985

I have heard from people who assume there will be a Usenix BOF, run
by me, in Portland.  I want to make sure everyone is aware that Karen
and I will NOT be at the Portland Usenix.  Our second son, Adam*, is
scheduled to be born either June 12 or 13**, and we have no intention
of missing this event to go to Usenix.***

>From this, it follows that neither of us will be running a Usenix BOF.
I am unaware of any compelling reason to hold a BOF, anyway.  I suspect
the major issues are moderated newsgroups and Stargate, and Lauren is
planning to hold a Stargate BOF.  Moderation is directly linked to
Stargate anyway, so those issues can be discussed at the Stargate BOF.

If anyone has other issues they feel really need to be discussed in
Portland (remember, the next Usenix is a workshop in Boulder and may
not be so heavily attended) and aren't suitable for the Stargate BOF,
please drop me a line, and let me know if you feel strongly enough
about it to run the BOF yourself.  I'll attempt to coordinate such
interested people.



* Yes, the ultrasound told us it's a boy.  The woman was quite sure
  about it.  We had boy and girl names picked out long ago.  I'm still
  pushing for the middle name "Twelve" but it looks like he's going
  to be Adam Michael Summers Horton.  For the record, our 2.5 year
  old is Matthew Randolph Summers Horton.

**The actual due date is June 20, but it's going to be a C-section,
  and we expect them to schedule the delivery the 12th or 13th.
  Sure beats going into labor!

***No, Lou, we refuse to hold a Labor & Delivery BOF!

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