Train to Portland: Space Still Available

Ed Gould ed at mtxinu.UUCP
Fri May 31 09:08:48 AEST 1985

There is still space available on the mt Xinu-sponsored train car
to the Portland Usenix Conference.  To reserve your space, send
a check for $100.00, which will cover one-way transportation
from Oakland to Portland, to

	mt Xinu
	2910 Seventh Street
	Suite 120
	Berkeley, CA  94710

	Attn:  Train

The train leaves Oakland at 8:52 PM on Sunday, June 9, and arrives
Portland Monday afternoon at 1:50.

If you can't get the money to us fast enough, and want to take a chance
that there'll be space left, just show up at the Amtrak station with
check in hand.  All other space on that train, according to sources
other than Amtrak (whom I haven't asked), say that the remainder of the
train is sold out.

For more information, send *electronic* mail to:

	sun!	  mtxinu!train
Ed Gould		    mt Xinu, 2910 Seventh St., Berkeley, CA  94710  USA
{ucbvax,decvax}!mtxinu!ed   +1 415 644 0146

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