meeting bodily necessities -- FOOD

Dave Stewart davest at daemon.UUCP
Thu May 2 07:17:30 AEST 1985

In article <217 at tektools.UUCP> jerryp at tektools.UUCP (Jerry Peek) writes:
>Because Portland's bus system (Tri-Met) is efficient and on-time, and because

	Right - that's why I see so many "I hate Tri-Met" bumper stickers on
cars in the Portland area.

	You must understand that Tek is so spread out that there is no way
to get people together to get out a food list.  Anyway, nobody included:

BIJOU CAFE (123 SW 3rd, sort of arround the corner from the Metro).  Fairly
reasonable for lunch or dinner.  Several psuedo-Mexican dishes.
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