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terryl at tekcrl.UUCP terryl at tekcrl.UUCP
Fri May 10 04:14:10 AEST 1985

>For all you folks heading to Portland in June for USENIX:

>	Rock Creek Tavern - A huge burger and just as much fries.  Located
>		about 20 miles outside Portland (go out US 26 to Rock Creek)

	Uh, might he be confusing Rock Creek Tavern with Helvetia Tavern???
If so, just go one exit(or is it two) further on US 26 to Helvetia Road. These
burgers (Helvetia) are HUGE and MESSY, but VERY GOOD!!!!! BTW, Rock Creek Road
(I assume that'w what he means) cannot be reached from US 26. Take Cornelius
Pass exit off of US 26, go left at end of exit(north) to first stop sign. Keep
going straight after first stop sign, and at the next road that you can turn
left at, turn left(can't remember if there is a road sign there or not). Rock
Creek Tavern is about 1/2 mile on the right hand side of the road after the
previous left turn.


>	Foothill Broiler - Your basic burger, but good (Uptown Shopping Center,
>		NW 23rd & Burnside)

	Definitely go here if you like burgers. Best burgers in town(in my
opinion). Check out their fresh fruit shakes and fries. WARNING: MAY BE VERY
FATTENING AND FILLING, but definitely worth it.

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