Colorado Ski Season Opens

Greg Woods woods at hao.UUCP
Tue Oct 22 05:17:52 AEST 1985

> Hey, Greg perhaps you can help the net out in a different way.
> Usenix is scheduled for January in Denver.  Unfortunately [or fortunately]
> there will not be any vendor stuff.  Care to show people around NCAR?

  I'd be glad to, but it isn't necessary. It is open to the public. That
was one of the conditions involved in getting the city, county and the voters
to approve the building of NCAR on its present site. (It required a vote
of the people because it was an exception to the "blue line" law which
prohibits the City of Boulder from providing water and sewer service above
a certain elevation without a direct vote of the people). NCAR has free
guided tours every day. For information (they change the schedule often
enough that it's hard to keep track of it without an explicit effort to do so),
call the NCAR information office at (303) 497-8721. About the only thing I
could offer that the tour might not get is a tour of the HAO machine room
(an 11/70 and two 750's, whoopee).

> I've spoken to other program committee and Usenix members planning to
> ski around Denver.  What about loosely organizing small groups of skiers
> to get together before and after Usenix for skiing West of Denver?
> I would like to ski the Pass, Mary Jane, and those other resorts between
> Vail [sic] and Denver.  Where should we go and where should we stay?

  Unless you have money to spend, I would say don't try to stay at the ski
resorts. There are MANY good ones within two hours of Denver. If you are
planning to drive in the mountains, make sure you have 4-wheel drive or
chains. They may not be needed (the weather around here is highly unpredictable)
but if we have a storm you may not be permitted to drive in certain areas
required for getting to the ski areas (Eisenhower tunnel approach, Loveland
Pass, and Berthoud Pass, in particular). If you DO want to spend some money
and stay at the area, I'd recommend checking out Steamboat Springs (it's
about 4 1/2 hours from Denver by car).

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