Unix, Unixpeople, Usenix - from a non-compunerd's point of view...

Dave Martindale dave at onfcanim.UUCP
Sat Oct 12 22:48:36 AEST 1985

I cannot say whether UNIX "groupies" exist or not.  However, they have
never bothered me, though I have attended a half-dozen USENIX conference.

However, I am annoyed by someone who thinks his own opinion so important
that he posts an overlong article to at least three different newsgroups
individually.  I must assume that he really just likes to hear
himself talk, and wasn't trying to be helpful to the net at all.
If the article was really intended to just let off steam, why wasn't
it posted to net.flame (only)?

Now, which behaviour is more immature, that of a "groupie" or of a
"compunerd", or someone who insists on making everyone listen to what
he's saying whether they want to or not?

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