Colorado Ski Season Opens

Eugene Miya eugene at ames.UUCP
Thu Oct 17 03:33:40 AEST 1985

>   Well, it's that time of year again. There is already powder at Berthoud
> Pass (which is open weekends only), and the NCAR Ski Club will soon begin 
> daily postings of ski conditions in Colorado.
> --Greg
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Hey, Greg perhaps you can help the net out in a different way.
Usenix is scheduled for January in Denver.  Unfortunately [or fortunately]
there will not be any vendor stuff.  Care to show people around NCAR?

I've spoken to other program committee and Usenix members planning to
ski around Denver.  What about loosely organizing small groups of skiers
to get together before and after Usenix for skiing West of Denver?
I would like to ski the Pass, Mary Jane, and those other resorts between
Vail [sic] and Denver.  Where should we go and where should we stay?
I say loose because I've very little time to put a large group together.
I post this now because of the lead time to make reservation at some
of these places.  My remarks go for X-C as well as downhill.

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