Colorado Ski Season Opens

Joe Steffen steffen at ihuxo.UUCP
Fri Oct 18 23:48:02 AEST 1985

> I'd be interested in both (an NCAR tour and skiing before/after USENIX),
> but why limit it to areas near Denver? Personally, I'd like to go back
> to Aspen again (I was there the week before Washington D.C. USENIX, 1984).

Aspen is a 6 hour drive from Denver, and plane service is subject to long
delays due to weather.  I have a friend in Denver and have skied with him
many times over the years.  I like skiing fast and my favorite run is a
smooth intermediate trail.  My favorite ski areas are Copper Mountain
(about a 2 1/2 hour drive), Mary Jane/Winter Park (about 2 hours), and the
one on the east side of Loveland Pass (about 1 1/2 hour).  I can never
remember if this is Loveland or Arapaho Basin.  The latter has short or
non-existant lift lines, and a couple of great runs.  I once had 11 runs of
great skiing in two hours.  This ski area is cold and windy in the morning,
so don't rush is get there, but is nice after 11:00.

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