4.2 manuals still available, 4.3bsd manuals out yet?

Peter Salus peter at usenix.UUCP
Sat Aug 30 03:49:41 AEST 1986

There will be a full article and an order form in the 
September/October issue of ;login:.  However, there are 
a few 4.2BSD Programmer's Manuals still available; there 
are also 4.2BSD System Manual Manager's Manuals available.
We are completely out of 4.2BSD User's Reference Manuals.

Most of the pages for the 4.3BSD Manuals (which will be
in seven [7] volumes, as opposed to the five [5] for 4.2BSD)
have gone to the printer.  The remainder should go late 
today or next Tuesday.  We hope that 4.3BSD Manuals will
be ready for shipping by 1 November (which should probably 
read 3 November, as the first is a Saturday).

Full descriptions of contents, etc., will be in ;login:.

Peter H. Salus
Executive Director
USENIX Association

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