announcing the availability of 4.3BSD Usenix manuals

David H. Brierley dhb at rayssd.UUCP
Mon Oct 6 13:32:45 AEST 1986

In regard to having to show a license in order to buy a UNIX
manual, let me just add this note.  The System V manuals (both
volumes) were the selection of the month in the "Library of
Computer and Information Sciences" book club not too long ago
and as far as I know they are still listed in their current
selections list.  Are you going to tell me that if you order
the manuals they are going to call you up and ask you to send
them a copy of your UNIX license?

I realize that SysV is not 4.3BSD but my understanding of the
situation is that the main cause of the BSD licensing problems
is the fact that the BSD code is derived from the ATT code.
Therefore, if you can buy the ATT manual over the counter (or
through the mail in this case) you should be able to do the
same for the BSD manuals.

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