USENIX meetings

Peter Salus peter at usenix.UUCP
Tue Oct 7 09:38:10 AEST 1986

A recent posting requested information about upcoming 
USENIX meetings.  The next meeting will be in Washington,
DC, January 21-22-23, 1987.  It is concurrent with 
UniForum.  Program and registration materials are 
available from the USENIX Conference Office
		   P.O. Box 385
			   Sunset Beach, CA 90742

Prior to that meeting, there will be the Third Computer
Graphics Workshop in Monterey, November 20-21.

Future meetings are:
		June 1987: Phoenix, AZ
			February 1988: Dallas, TX
			    June 1988: San Francisco, CA
			    January 1989: San Diego
			    June 1989: Baltimore, MD

Peter H. Salus
Executive Director
USENIX Association

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