announcing the availability of 4.3BSD Usenix manuals

Thomas Ferrin%CGL tef at
Sat Oct 4 02:33:40 AEST 1986

4.3BSD manuals are considered both copyrighted and licensed
material and pursant to the AT&T and UCB license agreements can
only be reproduced by holders of both an AT&T 32/V or System III
or System V license or sublicense AND a University of California
4.3BSD license.  When institutional or supporting members of
Usenix order manuals they sign a form declaring that they do
indeed hold the necessary licenses and that they appoint Usenix
Association to act as their agent in reproducing manuals for
them.  You must be a institutional or supporting member of
Usenix because Usenix Association must verify that you do indeed
have the license(s) you say you do and "license verification" is
one of the benefits of being an institutional or supporting

The above details were worked out with the AT&T and University
of California lawyers before Usenix started reproducing 4.2BSD
manuals.  At that time AT&T insisted that documentation for UNIX
32/V and its derivatives was covered by the 32/V license
agreement; hence the requirement for the apparently over-elaborate
procedure described above.  The fact that Harvard or UC Berkeley
is purportedly selling 4.2BSD manuals to anyone who walks into
their bookstores is their business.

It can be argued that "times have changed", since System V
documentation is no longer tied to a AT&T System V license or
sublicense, and that Usenix Association should again explore the
legal issuses with both AT&T and UCB regarding restriction of
circulation for 4.3BSD manuals.  While this option is being
considered and the potential legal issuses worked out, however,
the current 4.3BSD manual distribution arrangements must remain
in effect.

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