USENIX Videotapes

Peter Salus peter at usenix.UUCP
Fri Oct 31 07:28:59 AEST 1986

Atlanta Videotapes Available

As announced in the July/August ;login:, the three presentations 
which opened the Atlanta USENIX Conference were videotaped.  
Orders for the tapes are now being accepted.  

There are two tapes:
  Tape 1 contains Jon Bentley's Pictures of Programs, a talk 
  on the merits and insights of graphic presentation of algorithmic
  problems, including the greedy travelling salesman and a
  wire-wrapping problem.  In addition, this tape contains the 
  Awards Ceremonies and

  Tape two contains two music presentations:  Mike Hawley's MIDI
  Music Software for UNIX and Peter Langston's (201) 644-2332 or
  Eedie and Eddie on the wire: An experiment in Music 

Each tape is available in either VHS or Beta format.  Inside the 
US and Canada, the tapes are $20 each, including postage and
handling charges.  Elsewhere in the world, the tapes are $30
each, including air mail charges.

Place orders directly with USENIX Association, including a 
check or money order in US dollars for the full amount due.
Please remember to specify which tape(s) you want and which 
format you desire.  Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

				- PHS

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