announcing the availability of 4.3BSD Usenix manuals

Ron Natalie <ron> ron at brl-sem.ARPA
Fri Oct 3 11:47:13 AEST 1986

In article <15867 at ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU>, jordan at ucbarpa.Berkeley.EDU (Jordan M. Hayes) writes:
> See, the problem here is twofold: First, the manuals are licensed
> materials -- you have to show your license to get them.

WRONG, you don't need a license to obtain the manuals.  You need a
licence to have permission to copy.  It's only a fine line here.  Note
you can buy the AT&T manuals in most shopping mall bookstores these

> Second of all, you don't run 4.3 at all. You don't have a source
> license -- all you have is 4.2 binary. Why do you think it costs
> so much for a source license (not the actual BSD license, but what you
> need to get one, i.e., sysV)?
Nowhere in the copywrite notices does it say you need a source license.
The copies that came with our binary system (as well as nearly every
single UNIX manaul I've ever seen) says ... "Licensees are permitted
to copy this document or any portion of it, as necessary for licensed use
of the software, provided that this copyright notice and statement of
permission are included.  Nowhere does either Berkeley or ATT mention


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