announcing the availability of 4.3BSD Usenix manuals

Ed Gould ed at mtxinu.UUCP
Thu Oct 2 08:00:58 AEST 1986

>>See, the problem here is twofold: First, the manuals are licensed
>>materials -- you have to show your license to get them.
>Is this true? I don't believe it. You need a full set of licenses
>qualifying you to own 4.3bsd sources just to buy a printed manual?
>What is this lunacy? Does anyone know for sure?

I'm not *completely* sure, so maybe I shouldn't be answering at all,
but as I remember, the problem is this.  The Unix manuals are copyrighted.
My copy of the 4.2BSD manual (which is what I have handy - I rember the
same phrasing in 4.3) says

	Copyright 1979, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated.
	Holders of a UNIX(TM)/32V software license are permitted to
	copy this document, or any portion of it, as necessary for
	licensed use of the software, providing this copyright notice
	and statement of permission are included.

The Usenix Association *does not* have a license for this software.
They have an agreement with the Regents of the University of California,
specifying that Usenix is the Regents' agent for reproduction of
manuals.  This agreement specifies that Usenix may sell only to
appropriately licensed parties.  The agreement was, as I understand it,
approved by AT&T.  There are some further terms that the purchase of
manuals from Usenix entails as well.  I remember the order form having
some sort of release on it stating that the *purchaser* - in addition
to being properly licenses - designated Usenix as its *sole* agent for
reproduction of these manuals.  (These other terms may have changed,
or I may be remembering them incorrectly.  It's been a long time
since I looked at them.)

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