Wanted past USENIX papers (is their an archive)?

Axel Mahler axel at coma.UUCP
Thu Aug 4 21:33:17 AEST 1988

In article <460 at icus.UUCP> lenny at icus.UUCP (Lenny Tropiano) writes:
>Is there a archive site that keep the papers that are published at
>USENIX conferences?  Papers by people like Kernighan, Honeyman, etc...
>Papers on security, network (USENET), pathalias, etc..
Just in case there isn't such an archive, it sounds like a VERY nice
idea to have one. Especially here in Europe it is particularly hard
to get hands on USENIX proceedings. I wonder if USENIX asc. has the
resources, and the willingness to set up such an archive. If this 
archive could be polled via E-mail, the world would look a bit brighter
to me. 

Axel Mahler, Tech.Univ. Berlin

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