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[Posted for the EUUG]

From:   Neil Todd <uunet!mcvax!!neil>
Phone:  (+44) 1 581 8155, Fax (+44) 1 581 5147 ISTECH G
Telex:  928476 ISTECH G

If you have not seen a booking form for the conference, please contact
Owles Hall:

	Helen Gibbons
	EUUG Secretariat,
	Owles Hall,
	Herts SG9 9PL
	Phone: +44 763 73039 (Answering service out of office hours)
	email: euug at inset.uucp
	Fax: +44 763 73255     

The last date for booking is September 26th, and a cost reduction may
be obtained by booking before 22nd August.

Remember that EUUG now accepts VISA credit cards (we are working on
ACCESS/MASTERCARD/EUROCARD) so all you have to do is pick up the 
'phone ...

The remainder of this news item consists of a `How to get there'
written from personal experience by Neil Todd and finally details of
the latest conference programme.

How to get to the Hotel Estoril-Sol from Lisbon Airport

You have two choices: taxi or public transport. A taxi is faster but
much more expensive, make sure that you negotiate the fare before you
start as the journey will take you outside the Lisbon City Limits.

Using public transport is a bit more difficult, but presents no real
problems. Take either a 44 or 45 bus to ``Cais do Sodre'' station (its
the end of the route, so you don't need to worry about when to get
out), the bus will probably have ``C Sodre'' on its destination board.
You might feel like taking a taxi on this leg of the journey, its
completely within Lisbon city limits so there is no need to negotiate.
Beware of the faster Linha Verde bus, this with leave you at the wrong

At the station catch a train to Cascais (end of the line), there are
fast trains every 20 mins during the day, every 30-40 mins during
early morning and late evening. The journey should take about
30-40mins. The train destinations are clearly displayed on T.V.
screens near the platforms.  Trains run until about 02:30 and start
again at about 05:00.

At Cascais take a taxi to the hotel (about 1km). There is a closer
station, but you will have a lot of stairs and a busy road to cross.

If you have any doubts, there is a tourist information office at the
Airport who will be glad to help. Car hire is reasonably priced
(although petrol isn't), all the major chains have offices at the
Airport. You probably can get a good discount by booking in advance
with your local travel agent, failing that the In flight magazine on
your plane may well contain discount vouchers.

Finally a word about fares, you should aim to book as early as possible
as seats are going fast, most airlines offer discounts for early
booking. Ask about Pex and SuperPex fares.

Programme for the conference.

Monday 3rd October - Tutorials

M1   Users Introductions to the X Window System
     Watson, Clenton & Caruthers

M2   POSIX Implementation
     Shane P. McCarron & John Quarterman

M3   Curses
     Prof. Axel Schreiner

Tuesday 4th October - Tutorials

T4   Programming with the X Window System
     Watson, Clenton & Caruthers

T5   Sendmail
     Forrest Smoot Carl-Mitchell

T6   System Performance & Management
     Brian E.J. Clark

Wednesday 5th October - Technical sessions

Operating Systems

     CHORUS, a New Technology for Building UNIX Systems
     Franc,ois Armand, Fre'de'ric Herrmann, Michel Gien & Marc
     Rozier; Chorus syste`mes, France

     ANSA - Can big be made beautiful?
     Peter Pearson; ANSA, UK

     Clouds - A distributed, Object-Oriented Operating
     System: Architecture and Kernel Implementation
     J.Bernabeau, Y.A.Khalidi, M.Ahamad, W.F.Appelbe,
     P.Dasgupta, R.J.LeBlanc & U.Ramachandran; Georgia
     Institute of Technology, USA

     Implementing a POSIX Compatible operating system on a
     multi-transputer supercomputer
     Paul J. King; Real Time Systems Ltd, UK


     Securing Unix
     Philip Martin; Gould Electronics, UK

     Network Services in the Athena Environment
     Jennifer Steiner & Daniel E. Geer, Jr.; Project Athena,
     MIT, USA

     Secure the Superuser
     M. Benakli; Universite' P et M Curie, France

Locking in NFS

     Implementation of a Locking Protocol for Resource
     Locking in a Stateless Environment
     Peter Gloor, Rudolf Marty & Marin Zellweger;
     Universitaet Zuerich, Switzerland

File systems

     The Translucent File Service
     David Hendricks; Sun Microsystems, Inc., USA

     An Object Base for Attributed Software Objects
     Andreas Lampen & Axel Mahler; Technische Universitaet
     Berlin, West Germany


     OSI transition plans of EUnet and other interesting
     Daniel Karrenberg; CWI, Netherlands

Thursday 6th October - Technical sessions

Standards, proving and modelling

     Precise Standards through Formal Specifications: A Case
     Study: the UNIX File System
     O.Declerfayt, B.Demeuse, F.Wautier, P.Y.Schobbens &
     E.Milgrom; Universite' Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

     Modelling UNIX with an Object Oriented Model
     C.Fernandez; Universite' P. et M. Curie, France

     Establishing a Harmonised Testing Service for POSIX
     Jon Leigh; The National Computing Centre Ltd, UK

Object Oriented Window Systems

     IMAGES - An approach to an Object Oriented UIMS
     J.A.Marques, L.P.Simo~es, N.Guimara~es, L.Carric,o &
     M.Sequeira; Inesc, Portugal

     ET++ - An Object Oriented Application Framework in C++
     Erich Gamma, Andre' Weinand & Rudolf Marty; Universitaet
     Zuerich, Switzerland

     CommonView, a windows library in C++
     Alan Sloan; Glockenspiel, Ireland

Distributed Operating Systems

     Implementation of an object-oriented distributed system
     architecture on Unix
     D.Decouchant, A.Duda, A.Freyssinet+, M.Riveill,
     X.Rousset de Pina, G.Vandome+ & R.Scioville;
     Laboratoire de Genie Informatique, +Centre de Recherche
     Bull, France

Real time issues

     Real Time multiprocessing under UNIX
     Peter L. Petersen; Aalborg University, Denmark

     Priority and Deadline Scheduling on Real-Time UNIX
     Peter Bond; Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd, UK

Office Automation

     Eolas - The implementation of an Office Information Server
     Mark Sheppard, Ann Barry, Brian Caulfield, Sean Baker,
     Janet Dillon, Marysia Cahill

Optical discs

     An implementation of optical disk worm file system
     under System V.3
     C.Falchi; I.A.N. s.r.l, Italy

     NOFS - the NFS server for the Optical File System
     Paulo Amaral; GIPSI SM90, France

Friday 7th October - Technical sessions

Documentation and administration

     Installation Documentation Documentation
     Linda Branagan & David Tilbrook; Carnegie Mellon
     University, USA

     Sacrifices to Ra or Learning to administer a Sun
     Bubbette McLeod; Silicon Compiler Systems, USA


     The Arabisation of UNIX
     Pascal Beyls; Bull, France

Tools for workstations

     NeWS and X, Beauty and the Beast?
     W.T.Roberts, A.Davison, K.Drake, C.Hyde & M.Slater;
     Queen Mary College, UK

     Direct Manipulation Tools for UNIX Workstations
     John Bovey & Mark Russell; University of Kent, UK

     Developing and Adapting UNIX Tools for Workstations
     David Barnes, Mark Russell & Mark Wheadon; University
     of Kent, UK


     Distributed Light Weight Processes in MOS
     Dalia Malki Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

     Hardware and Software Aspects of Symmetrical Unix
     Ali Shirnia & Brian E.J. Clark; Pyramid Technology SA,

The programme is scheduled to finish at 3.30pm on the Friday.

Hope to see you there....
Tom Strong	{uunet,ucbvax}!usenix!strong

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