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Karl Kleinpaste karl at
Tue Aug 30 01:31:23 AEST 1988

roy at phri.UUCP writes:
	   I wonder what other people thought of Mike Lesk's sort of rambling
   letter-to-the-editor/article in the last issue?  While it was certainly an
   interesting read, I'm not quite sure what place it has in a referred

I found his comments quite significant, very much due to the fact that
we are fighting no less than 3 vendors concerning our need to get
source.  ("We can give you kernel source...<well, we want utilities,
in order to track/fix bugs we find.>...oh, you mean you'd be CHANGING
the UTILITIES' source?...<hell, yes, that's where we're finding all
these bugs.>...[shocked, horrified look]...oh, gee, we dunno about
that..."  That's pretty clearly the opinion of one of our vendors;
fortunately, it's not the one I deal with the most...but THAT one
isn't making life any easier, either.)

I was thinking of writing a reply (since such discussions were invited
in the editor's intro to the piece), but when I made my attempt, it
came out rather religious and flammable - discretion dictated that I
delete it.


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