C++ tape

Dennis Griesser dennisg at felix.UUCP
Tue Aug 2 05:09:52 AEST 1988

In article <158 at usenix.UUCP> peter at usenix.UUCP (Peter H. Salus) writes:
>The first 1988 USENIX software tape is ready for release...
>[USENIX Association] Individual membership is $40/year and gets you a year's
>subscription to COMPUTING SYSTEMS; six issues of login, the Association's 
>bimonthly newsletter; discounts at the two technical conferences; 
>and a Green Lantern secret decoder ring.
>PS (Sorry, we just ran out of the ring.)

Ran out of rings?  Aargh!  Undoubtably the work of our arch-enemy, Sinestro!
Quick, all loyal members of the Corps who already have a ring!  Charge your
ring with the living green energy from the power battery of the Guardians:

	In brightest day,
	in blackest night,
	no evil shall escape my sight!
	Let those who worship evil's might,
	beware my power -
	Green Lantern's Light!

	And I shall shed my light over dark evil,
	for the dark things cannot stand the light...
	the light of the Green Lantern!

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