USENIX Distribution Tape

Gordon Stewart gors at well.UUCP
Wed Aug 2 08:30:00 AEST 1989

After conversations with the very helpful people at USENIX, it appears
that an index, bill of materials, table of contents, list of
ingredients, etc.  is completely unavailable, due to the intransigence
of the individual who supplied the tape. Ick!

I think that the numerous requests for a list of the contents bears out
my opinion that, at minimum, a brief index list (a la
comp.unix.sources, or the NIC info) must be available.

Apparently the unnamed person's attitude was "It's got hundreds of
programs and it's cheap -- if they don't like it, let 'em send it
back." As if our time and energy isn't worth anything!

I wouldn't mind seeing a posting from some generous soul who bought the
pig in the poke and is eager to tell us all what the pig looks like.
Meanwhile, I'll keep my cash in my pocket!

m sierchio

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