Winter USENIX conference contact list

Daniel Klein dvk at
Tue Aug 8 01:54:09 AEST 1989

For the upcoming conference on January 22-26 in Washinton D.C., this is a
list of contact names for (hopefully) all of your questions:

Conference Chairman:	Daniel Klein
			wash-usenix at

	contact for: submitting papars and abstracts, questions about
		submissions, questions about program content, other
		general technical issues.

Informal Program Chair:	Sonya Neufer
			sonya at

	contact for: all questions about BOFs, computing facilities at the
		conference, terminal room, first night orientation session.

Experimental Parallel Sessions:	Eric Allman & Lori Grob
			newsession at

	contact for: questions about the experimental parallel track.

Conference Office:	Judy DesHarnais
			judy at

	contact for: registration information, hotel information, getting
		on the mailing list (if you are a USENIX member, you are
		already on the mailing list), hospitality suites.

	    NOTE: A flyer will be mailed out with all registration and hotel
		information in a couple of months.  You probably don't need
		to call Judy registration/hotel until after the mailing.
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