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Large Installation Systems Administration III Workshop and Tutorial Program

September 6-8, 1989, Marriott Hotel, Austin, TX

     In light of two successful workshops on Large Installation Systems, there
is a demonstrable benefit in bringing together system administrators of sites
with 100 or more users (on one or more processors) to compare notes on solu-
tions to a variety of common problems.

Tutorials - Wednesday, September 6

     A two-track tutorial program will be offered in conjunction with the
workshop.  Attendees will be able to change between tracks at each topic
change.  The tutorial notes will include material from both tracks.  The
tutorials will be presented by Rob Kolstad of Prisma, Inc., and Evi Nemeth and
Trent Hein of the University of Colorado.

    Joint session on ethics, privacy, and security in distributed systems
       Management policies                 Internet networking
       Security                            NFS/YP
       Large scale backups                 UUCP
       Machine Room Organization           News
       Performance                         sendmail
       User ID management                  System upgrades/local documentation
    Joint wrap-up discussion:  Public Domain Software, Miscellaneous Topics

Tentative Technical Program

Thursday, September 7
       Introductory Remarks                Alix Vasilatos, Program Chair
       Keynote Address
       Networked Heterogeneous Systems I   Paul Graham, Chair
       Accounting                          Bjorn Satdeva, Chair
       Network Administration              Kevin Smallwood, Chair
       Birds of a Feather Sessions *

Friday, September 8
       Networked Heterogeneous Systems II  Bjorn Satdeva, Chair
       Panel:  Distributed Services
       Work in Progress                    Paul Graham, Chair
       Security                            Alix Vasilatos, Chair
       Backup                              Kevin Smallwood, Chair

* Send your suggestions for BOFS to Kevin Smallwood (kcs at

     The registration fees are $225 for the tutorial and $200 for the technical
sessions.  You may register for only the tutorial class, only the technical
sessions, or both.  The registration deadline is August 30, 1989.  For regis-
tration and hotel information, please contact: 

USENIX Conference Office
22672 Lambert St., Suite 613
El Toro, CA  92630
Telephone:  (714) 588-8649

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