USENIX Distribution Tape

Dan Revel dan at lclark.UUCP
Tue Aug 8 03:15:39 AEST 1989

I would be glad to give you a list of contents of the tape I received
(USENIX 89.1 Plus Five) just as soon as I can get it read.  The
unfortunate thing is that the USENIX folks sent a 6250bpi tape
and our tape drive only does 1600!  OK, we have some old equipment,
but the order form did say that the tape would be 1600bpi unless
otherwise specified, and we specified 1600bpi on top of that!
Now I'm faced with mailing the tape back to get a new one or
finding another local site to help me copy it to a format we can
use -- talk about wasting time!  I have a very busy schedule, etc. etc.

Of course, there's always the telephone...

Dancing on the edge...

dan at lclark
tektronix!reed!lclark!dan			Dylsexics untie! (-|

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