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Deborah Scherrer scherrer at mtxinu.COM
Sat Jan 21 06:35:52 AEST 1989

              USENIX Online Index and Library

As the quantity of USENIX  and  USENIX-related  publications
rapidly  expands,  and  the  quality  becomes   increasingly
attractive, the need has arisen  for  some  sort  of  online
access,  at least to an index of published articles.  USENIX
has authorized a  proposal  to  fund,  implement,  and  make
available  an  electronically accessible index to USENIX and
related groups published articles.   Versions  of  abstracts
and/or  full  papers  will  also  be made available in cases
where authors are willing to donate them.   Articles  to  be
referenced  will  be  drawn  from  (past and future): USENIX
conference and workshop proceedings, ;login:, the  Computing
Systems    journal,    EUUG   conference   proceedings   and
newsletters, AUUG conference  proceedings  and  newsletters,
JUS  conference  proceedings,  and  the Software Tools Users
Group proceedings.   Other  sources  (AFUU,  GUUG,  NZUSUGI,
etc.)  will  be continually evaluated and included as deemed

The index will include references from as many  past  issues
of  the publications as can be obtained, and kept current as
new issues are released.  In  addition,  authors  of  relevant
publications are being given the opportunity to donate their
full paper, or abstract only, for inclusion and distribution
through the online library.

The online index and library will reside  at  UUNET  and  be
freely  available.   Users will be able to retrieve both the
index and any available online abstracts or papers,  indivi-
dually,  by  simple  email  request.   Specific  details  on
retrieval will be forthcoming.   Although  the  library  and
index  will  be  most  effectively  used electronically, the
index will also be printed periodically and  made  available
through the USENIX office, for those without email access.

If you have ever had an article  published  by  one  of  the
above groups, you have the opportunity of donating a copy to
the library.  Or, authors may  choose  to  donate  abstracts
only,  even  in cases where a full paper has been published.
Donation of either a paper or an abstract is  purely  volun-
tary.   Papers  can   be   distributed either with a
copyright notice, or a copyright release, at  the  copyright
holder's  discretion.   The  electronic papers and abstracts
will be made available for retrieval in essentially the same
format  they  were  delivered  -- no attempt will be made to
translate into  a  common  text  formatting  language,  etc.
(Understand  that  some  illustrations will not be available
electronically and some people may not be able  to  properly
print  papers  they  request.)  For  specific information on
donating papers or abstracts, write to usenix!office.

Deborah Scherrer
USENIX Vice President

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