Things to do in San Diego

Mark Thompson mark at corona.megatek.uucp
Wed Jan 18 03:21:29 AEST 1989

If you are going to be in town on: Fri-Sun 1/27-1/29 or Sat-Mon 2/4-2/6
you may be interested in seeing the "Festival of Animation" at the 
LaJolla Museum of Contemporary Arts.

This is a collection of (mostly recent) animated features from around
the world... nearly 2 hours worth. This year they apparently have (among
others) "Tin Toy" from Pixar and a collection of computer generated shorts.

Tickets are best gotten in advance. If you're from out of town this 
probably implies calling TicketMaster ((619) 278-TIXS) and paying too
much. Another note for out-of-towners... LaJolla is not walking distance
from the hotel, and it is highly unlikely that you can get a bus to there.

--!megatek!mark			mark "I'd rather be flying" thompson


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