social and informal event times for San Diego

John S. Quarterman jsq at
Sat Jan 7 05:41:53 AEST 1989

Several people have asked for more information about the new events
to be held at the San Diego USENIX Conference.  Here is a list of times
for social functions and informal programming.

The lounge will be open during registration, and presumably on Friday,
as well.  It can be found immediately next to the registration area.
The person in charge of it is Lori Grob.

The terminal room will be open most of the time, and is being run by
Sonya Neufer <denise at>.  Volunteers are still needed.

The BOFs (Birds of a Feather meetings) listed here are all those that
have been scheduled as of today, 6 January.  There will certainly be more.

Sunday, 29 January 1989 -
	4pm-9pm		Registration
	6pm-9pm		Opening Reception with Cash Bar

Monday, 30 January 1989 -
	7:30am-6pm	Registration
	7:30pm-10pm	USENIX Conference Orientation and Overview

Tuesday, 31 January 1989 -
	7:30am-6pm	Registration
	6:30pm-8pm	Writing and Submitting Abstracts, Papers, and Articles

BOF:	8-10	OSF, Alex Morrow

Wednesday, 1 February 1989 -
	7:30am-5pm	Registration
	6:30pm-8pm	Main Reception with Refreshments

BOF:	8:30-10:30	BSD, Kirk McKusick
BOF:	8-10	CSNET, Craig Partridge
BOF:	8-10	Distributed Systems Management, Dan Gear
BOF:	8-10	MACH User's Exchange, Tom Parenty

Thursday, 2 February 1989 -
	7:30am-5pm	Registration
	5:45pm-7pm	Open Meeting with the Board

BOF:	6-8	UUNET and USENET, Rick Adams
BOF:	6-8	XVT Virtual Toolkit, Marc Rochkind
BOF:	6-8	OSI Co-Existence with TCP/IP, Rob Hagens
BOF:	6-8	Medium to Large Faculty and Network Operations, Eric Brunner
BOF:	6-8	UNIX-Related Standards, John S. Quarterman
BOF:	8-10	New Advances in Dial-Up IP, Mike Ballard
BOF:	8-10	Viruses, Worms, and Other UNIX Pests, Keith Bostic
BOF:	8-10	UNIX International, an Introduction, Sri Rajeev
BOF:	8-10	System V Release 4.0, Hari Pullijal

Friday, 3 February 1989 -

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