Things to do in San Diego (Tijuana, Mexico + rental cars)

Ken Arnold arnold at apollo.COM
Sun Jan 29 07:00:00 AEST 1989

In article <27736 at ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU> wilson at vangogh.Berkeley.EDU.UUCP (James E. Wilson) writes:
>Without a Mexican tourist card, you can visit any border town, and also the
>city of Ensenada (largest Baja seaport, 60 miles south of TIjuana), provided
>you stay less than 72 hours.

Non U.S. Citizens should take note -- you can get into Mexico just as easily
as a U.S. citizen, but when you try to return, US Immigration is going to
be very sticky.  It is not uncommon for visiting people on single entry visas
to get themselves stuck south of the border because nobody told them there
might be a problem.  Make sure you can get back in before you leave.

		Ken Arnold

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