Ham Radio at USENIX

Brian Kantor brian at ucsd.EDU
Sun Jan 22 07:02:07 AEST 1989

Local wide-area-coverage 2 meter repeater frequencies are

	  in      out
	146.04 - 146.64
	146.13 - 146.73
	147.75 - 147.15

and about a dozen others with lesser coverage or restricted membership.

The 04/64 machine is the local playground; more traditional (i.e.,
oriented toward the older ham) activities take place on 13/73.  Tuesday
at 9pm on 13/73 is the local packet radio "net" if you're into packet.

The conference hotel is in an area of town often referred to as Radio 
Gulch, but many repeaters are usable from there.  If you were at the San
Diego ARRL convention, it's the same hotel, minus the 60ft portable tower
we had up then.

	- Brian, WB6CYT

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