Unix-PC BOF at USENIX next week

Steve C. Simmons scs at itivax.iti.org
Sat Jan 28 02:32:35 AEST 1989

In article <541 at galaxia.Newport.RI.US> dave at galaxia.Newport.RI.US (David H. Brierley) writes:
>I called the USENIX office  to  see  about  scheduling  a  unix-pc  BOF  but
>apparently they have already starting to pack things up to head for San
>Diego . . . going to try to schedule either Tuesday night or Wednesday night

We have a volunteer to bring his PC!  Kevin O'Gorman (kosman!kevin) is
willing to drive in (4hrs) from Oxnard, bringing his 3B1.  He has a tape
drive as well.  It's important that he know the date of the thing, but
is willing to live with fairly short notice.  I have his phone #, and will
be contacting him from SD as soon as we know the date.
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