Unix-PC BOF at USENIX next week

David H. Brierley dave at galaxia.Newport.RI.US
Fri Jan 27 12:16:12 AEST 1989

I called the USENIX office  to  see  about  scheduling  a  unix-pc  BOF  but
apparently  they  have  already  starting  to pack things up to head for San
Diego.  The person who is doing the scheduling of the  BOFs  (Judy)  has  my
name  and  I am supposed to talk with her about it when I arrive.  I will be
arriving late Sunday and they will probably have closed the desk by the time
I  get  there but I will try to get together with her first thing Monday.  I
am going to try to schedule the BOF for either Tuesday  night  or  Wednesday
night.   My  first preference is Tuesday because there is already a bunch of
stuff scheduled for Wednesday.  If you have strong feelings one way  or  the
other  about  the  choice  of  nights, send me e-mail right away or call the
hotel and either leave a message for me at the desk or leave a  message  for
me with the USENIX folks.

What I would like to do at the BOF is the following:

1. An informal panel discussion about some of the issues we all face.   What
is the future of the 3b1?  What software is available for the machine?  What
are some of the security issues that we  all  should  be  addressing?   What
would other people like to talk about?

2. If any of the more prominent members of our  group  (John  Milton,  Lenny
Tropiano, Mike Ditto, etc) are present they will be asked if they could tell
us about the status of the projects they are working on.

3. If by some miracle of circumstance any of the developers from ATT are  at
the  conference  maybe  they  could be persuaded to give us some info on the
current set of fix disks (unofficially, of course).

4. If anyone wants to stand up and talk about something interesting they are
doing  with  their  machine  or  some  interesting software they have either
developed or have access to, they will certainly be welcome to do so.

One last thing, we are trying to make arrangements for a software  exchange.
If  anyone  has  a  machine  they can bring, and you have not been contacted
already, please call me at the hotel on Monday.  If you  have  any  software
that  you think others might want, please bring it.  Also bring blank disks.
I will have both source and binary distributions of  sendmail  available  as
well  as  some other stuff such as RCS, *Berkeley Mail*, and whatever else I
have time to write out to disk before I leave.

If anybody has any other ideas for what we might do, feel  free  to  let  me
know.  I have never tried to organize a BOF before so I am more than willing
to accept suggestions, especially if you've ever done  something  like  this

Hope to see as many of you as possible in San Diego.  Bye for now.
David H. Brierley
Home: dave at galaxia.Newport.RI.US   {rayssd,xanth,lazlo,jclyde}!galaxia!dave
Work: dhb at rayssd.ray.com           {sun,decuac,gatech,necntc,ukma}!rayssd!dhb

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